Family is important. The process of obtaining a visa for a fiancée, a spouse, a child, a parent or another family member can be stressful.  Australian immigration law is complex and changes very frequently. Some visa applications are subject to capping, which may result in long waiting periods. Government lodgement fees for some visa applications are substantial. It is important for you to identify the most appropriate visa type, the costs involved, the process and the relevant legislation behind it.

Elena’s passion and love for Family Law expands to Family migration: she provides immigration legal advice and handles all types of visas in the Family migration stream, including extremely complicated matters.

We can assist you with obtaining a visa for your spouse (including de-facto partners), fiancée, children, parents or other relatives. Please contact Elena to discuss your personal situation in order to develop the most suitable plan for you.

Partner and Family Visa Options include:

  • Prospective Marriage visa

  • Partner visa for people based in Australia

  • Partner visa for people based outside Australia

  • Child visa

  • Adoption visa

  • Dependent Child visa

  • Carer visa

  • Parent visa

  • Sponsored Parent (temporary) visa

  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa

  • Contributory Parent visa

  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa

  • Contributory Aged Parent visa

  • New Zealand Family Relationship visa

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